You can bring any component of your hydraulic system to T&G Sales and Service LLC to have it resealed, repaired or replaced. Our team in Danbury, Connecticut will take a look at your system, assess any damage and offer effective solutions. We'll never try to upsell you on a cylinder repair.

We can service cylinders, control valves, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.

Schedule your control valve repair with us today by calling 203-730-2727.

We carry a wide variety of parts

Trust T&G Sales and Service to repair or replace anything that's broken, from a pump to a control valve. Our repair team keeps a wide selection of parts on hand, including...

Flow control valves | Ball valves | Check valves | Flow dividers

Dump pumps | Two-stage (log-splitter) pumps | Walking floor pumps | Piston, vane and gear pumps

For cylinders, we offer honing and resealing, chrome rod replacements and tube replacements.

Call today to set up an appointment for your cylinder repair.