Our staff combined has more than 40 years of industry experience and strives to provide the best hydraulic systems on the market. Through years of experience and a commitment to excellence, T&G Sales and Service LLC has maintained the type of customer service that sets us apart from the rest. Stop by or contact our hydraulic repair shop in Danbury, Connecticut, for more information

"In 2006, Tim came to me and said he had been kicking around the idea of opening his own hydraulics shop. Pregnant with our daughter, and keeping in mind the three boys we were raising I was not all together convinced we could pull off this fete. Either of being easily dissuaded from a challenge, guess what we did?

T&G Sales and Service LLC was a go on June 1st, 2006. Twelve years later we have grown and prospered, with the help of friends and family as well as some pretty amazing customers. It is my hope that as we continue on this journey that we never forget our humble beginnings and continue to provide hydraulic parts and repair for the greater Danbury area and beyond to the best our ability for years to come."

~Gayle Cooper